Energy Presentations

E-POWER MO: Empowering Filipino through Informed Energy Plans and Policies
Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Grand Xing Imperial Hotel, Iloilo City
09 October 2018

I. E-Power Mo Conference

A. Plenary

  1. Philippine Energy Plan 2017-2040
  2. TRAIN Law and It's Effects on Energy Sector
  3. Executive Order No. 30 and Its Implementing Guidelines Creating the Energy Investment Coordinating Council
  4. Establishing the National Position on Nuclear Power in the Philippines

B. Breakout Session 1, OIMB

  1. Introduction to Downstream Oil Industry
  2. Philippine National Standards for Petroleum Industry
  3. Making Consumers Safety A Way of Life in the Philippine Downstream Oil Industry
  4. Development Plans in the Emerging Downstream Natural Gas Industry

C. Breakout Session 2, ERDB

  1. DOE Policy Issuance on Coal Trading and Utilization: Proposed Amendment of the Department Circular 2012-05-0006 "Guidelines on the Accreditation of Coal Traders and Registration of Coal End-Users"

D. Breakout Session 3, REMB

  1. Overview on the Draft National Renewable Energy Program 2017-2040
  2. Biomass/Biofuels Roadmap
  3. Geothermal Roadmap
  4. Hydropower and Ocean Roadmap
  5. Solar and Wind Roadmap
  6. Updates on Renewable Energy Policy Mechanism

E. Breakout Session 4, EPIMB

  1. Updates on DOE EPIMB Plans and Policies
  2. Philippine Power Demand and Supply Outlook 2018-2040
  3. Updates on Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA) Implementation

F. Breakout Session 5, EUMB

  1. Energy Efficiency on GEMP, ESCO, MEP standard and PESLP
  2. Policy Initiatives on Mainstreaming Alternative Fuels and Energy Technologies
  3. Current Technology Trends on Nuclear Power

G. Breakout Session 6, Consumer

  1. Power Contingency Planning for Household Consumers
  2. Energy Labeling Guide for Appliances and Lighting Products
  3. Overview of the Human Resource Development (HRD) and Workplace Planning (WP) Requirements for Nuclear Power Programme
  4. Petroleum Product Safety Practices

II. Energy 101

  1. Philippine Energy Plan 101
  2. Petroleum 101: Exploration, Development and Production
  3. Briefing on the Downstream Oil and Natural Gas Industry
  4. Basic Renewable Energy
  5. Power 101
  6. Energy Efficiency 101

III. Seminar on Energy Efficiency in Government

  1. Mainstreaming & Integration of Energy Efficiency & conservation at the LGU level
  2. Energy Efficiency in the Government
  3. Air-conditioning Unit & Lighting System Retrofit of Government Buildings in Luzon
  4. PNOC RC: Energy Efficiency & Conservation Projects in Government Buildings "Survey On 161 Government Agencies"
  5. Energy Management System (EnMS) based on ISO 50001


E-POWER MO: Towards an Energy Resilient Philippines
Thursday, 5 July 2018

Department of Energy, Multi-Purpose Gym
Energy Center, Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
26 June 2018

A. Plenary

B. Breakout Session 1 - OIMB

C. Breakout Session 2 - ERDB

D. Breakout Session 3 - REMB

E. Breakout Session 4 - EPIMB

F. Breakout Session 5 -EUMB

G. Breakout Session 6 - Consumers Sector


E-Power Mo: Communicating Efficiency Across the Energy Sector (Baguio City)
Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Energy Consumers and Stakeholders Conference
Hotel Supreme Convention Plaza, Magsaysay Ave., Baguio City
24 April 2018

I.  E-Power Mo Conference

A.  Plenary

B.  Breakout Session 1 - Downstream Sector

C.  Breakout Session 2 - Upstream Sector

D.  Breakout Session 3 - Renewable Energy Sector

E.  ​Breakout Session 4 - Power Sector

F.  Breakout Session 5 - Alternative Fuels and Energy Efficiency Sector

G.  Breakout Session 6 - Consumers Sector

II.  Seminar on Energy Efficiency in Government


Philippine Energy Plan 2017 - 2040 and Executive Order (EO) No. 30
Thursday, 28 December 2017

PEP Public Consultation / IEC
F1 Hotel, Taguig City
19 December 2017

Presentation Outline

  • Policy Initiatives
  • Energy Planning Process
  • Energy Plan Outline
  • PEP 2017 – 2040
  • Salient Features of EO 30

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E-Power Mo Smart Energy Utilization Forum and Stakeholders Conference (Fontana Hot Spring Leisure Parks, Pampanga)
Wednesday, 20 December 2017

E-Power Mo Smart Energy Utilization Forum and Stakeholders Conference
Fontana Hot Spring Leisure Parks, CM Recto Clark Free Zone, Pampanga
29 November 2017


Power Sector

Upstream Oil & Gas and Coal Sector

Alternative Fuels and Energy Efficiency Sector

Oil and Natural Gas Sector

Renewable Energy Sector